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"I wanted to thank you for the incredible experience I encountered after doing the zero balancing sessions. Some things I still enjoy more than a year later: IÈm more in tune with my body and more in tune with the Universal Body. My digestion is much better. My periods became more regular and my complexion cleared. I remember vividly, shortly after the sessions, walking through the woods and seeing colors more fully than ever before, and hearing the pulse of the world and feeling it pulse in me. Thanks for opening up this door for me to explore and enjoy myself more fully."
- Patty P.

  Zero Balancing ZB  

A gentle hands-on bodywork system designed to align your energy body with your physical structure. It combines Western scientific approaches to body structure with Eastern concepts of energy and healing. Zero Balancing (ZB) promotes a quieting and centering of body/mind. It's primary focus is on the relationship of the energy of the body to the physical structure of the body and ways we can improve health and relieve body symptoms by balancing and/or integrating these two aspects of a person. This is the fundamental basis of ZB.

  Zero Balancing ZB

As we continue to expand our understanding and definition of the body/mind, and of the body/mind spirit, a number of other possibilities present themselves. Experience has shown that tissue holds memory, and that by using clearer, stronger force fields of energy as a working tool, we can help to directly release old tissue-held memories and reprogram a person's response to their personal history. In a sense we work directly on the mind.

Recommended for: People in a variety of situations can benefit from zero balancing, those with stress-related symptoms, people going through life changes:  divorce, loss of a loved one, loss of job, physically fit people who wish to maintain their optimal health, or anyone on a journey of self-discovery and self-actualization.

Ken Youngberg is a certified Zero Balancing practioner and a member of the Zero Balancing Health Association.

Expanded States of Consciousness

Zero Balancing ZB  

In Zero Balancing we often work with Expanded States of Consciousness. Brain physiology tells us there are a number of brain waves possible, each having its own characteristics. In Zero Balancing we use the term Expanded States of Consciousness or Altered States of Consciousness to indicate brain waves that move away from a beta linear-thinking mind set. Whereas we do not attempt to define exactly which brain wave the person is functioning in, we monitor body signals and body language to indicate to us that the person is in fact in an Expanded State of Consciousness.

Experience has taught us that as people move into expanded states they are less held to specific definitions of themselves, definitions in which illnesses are often embedded. People seem more prone to change and to healing in expanded states than in normal brain wave states. Thus we teach how to use touch to bring about an Expanded State of Consciousness.

Expanded consciousness can be brought about by introducing two contrary sensations, such as pain and pleasure. In Zero Balancing we have defined the term hedonic to mean hurts good. Holding a hedonic fulcrum will induce an Expanded State of Consciousness.

Another way of inducing expanded consciousness is by holding two contrary stimuli into a singular experience for the client. This provides the client with an experience of unity, which is an Expanded State of Consciousness, or enhanced awareness.

- Fritz Frederick Smith, M.D founder of Zero Balancing from Zero Balancing Study Guide


"I am totally committed to helping my clients relieve and eliminate pain and discomfort of body, mind, and spirit."
Acid Reflux . Acute Pain/Chronic Pain. Arthritis . Carpel tunnel . Emotional Energy Release . Fibromyalgia . . Frozen Shoulder . Headaches/Migraines
Hiatal Hernia . Limited Range of Motion . Low Back Pain . Neck and Shoulder Pain . Plantar Fascitis . Respiratory Problems . Running Injuries . Scar Tissue
SET Quick Release . Stress/Tension . Swelling and Inflammation . Tendinitis . Thoracic Outlet . TMJ Syndrome . Trigger Finger . Whiplash
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Creating a fulcrum through traction - a still point at which the energy and structure are engaged and around which they can reorganize..


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