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Trigger finger can affect any finger, but most clients present with the middle or ring finger. It gets stuck temporarily when flexing or extending and motion is completed with a jerk. Clients also usually present with a structural pattern similar to those with carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, and nerve entrapment syndromes—internally rotated shoulders, arms, and sunken chest.

Conventional medical treatment may involve cortisone injections or surgery. The internally rotated shoulders and arms are first released with a deep tissue body restructuring protocol similar to the one I use for carpal tunnel and tendonitis.

Subsequent individual fiber strokes are used to release the tendons in the finger paying special attention to the bunched tissue on the sides of the knuckle, which may be inhibiting range of motion. The saddle of connective tissue that affects the most distal knuckle will often be restricted which can cause trigger finger. Release of this tissue oftentimes relieves the condition.

Lengthening contracted tissue
in overworked thumb.
  Paying special attention to hardened fibers along the flexor tendons into the base of the hand and the effect they have on the nerves coming through the carpal tunnel into the hand.   Relaxing the flexor muscles & tendons.   Creating space in the extensor fascia.
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Working deeply along each tightened fiber and locating restrictions that inhibit finger range of motion.


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