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TMJ Syndrome
  Results of any specific TMJ protocol would be minimal without first balancing the pelvis and lengthening the cervical muscles.  

Treating TMJ Syndrome with Therapeutic Bodywork

Briefly outlining the basis of TMJ (tempromandibular joint), and the necessary components of successfully applying therapeutic bodywork techniques to treat it, will hopefully alleviate much of the confusion about TMJ syndrome.

Muscle imbalance and dysfunctional posture patterns are major contributors to TMJ and most other musculoskeletal problems. Distortions pertinent to TMJ include: rotated pelvis, forward head, rounded shoulders, and an imbalance of the cervical spine. The entire body is involved in this core distortion.

I have found that most TMJ symptoms are relieved or disappear entirely with minimal work on the actual muscles that are directly related to the TMJ—the masseter, temporalis, and pterygoid. Before I will ever treat these specific muscles, first the pelvis is balanced, and then tight muscles in the neck and shoulder are lengthened to achieve maximum results in a minimum amount of time.


Lengthening the masseter muscle to relieve pressure on the TMJ


After addressing the pelvis imbalance, treating the anterior and posterior neck, relaxing soft tissue over the scalp and face, the temporalis is lengthened from superior to inferior. Next, the masseter and its attachments are released, musculature inferior to the mandible is assessed and treated if needed, paying special attention to the tissue around the angle of the mandible to where it attaches in the back of the TMJ. In most cases, after this minimal amount of treatment and time, the TMJ will be balanced and the client is free of symptoms.

However, occasionally stubborn cases may require additional treatment, including intraoral releases of the masseter and pterygoids.

Clients are taught easily learned home self-care techniques to maintain
TMJ muscle balance as part of the treatment plan.
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