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  Releasing small muscles in the back of the neck.  

"Every now and then, the body and the mind need to come together again. That's when Ken Youngberg shines. His work soothes the body and quiets the mind. "

- Allie B.

Referring Doctors

"I refer my patients to Ken because addressing soft tissue problems is an important complement to chiropractic care, and his treatment effectively releases painful trigger points and myofascial adhesions."

- Ted S., D.C.

"I was very impressed with your researching out my symptoms, your knowledge of anatomy and your application of the pressure therapy."

- T. G. Birkey, M.D

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Carpal Tunnel

  Carpel tunnel symptoms can be relieved and completely eliminated without surgery.  Ken is doing a directed myofascial unwinding stroke to prepare the tissue for subsequent deep fiber work.
"As a barber my hands are valuable. When I started involuntarily dropping my shears while doing haircuts, I knew I had a problem. I noticed I was losing the pinching motion and strength in my hand.

This went on for 5 to 6 weeks before I went to my medical doctor. My fear was that it would get worse. After receiving no relief going through the recommended physical therapy, the doctor recommended surgery as the only way to do the nerve release.

As a last resort before surgery I followed the recommendation of my coworkers who had gone to Ken. After only five treatments, I"m problem free and have my gripping strength back. I can cut hair all day long and not drop my shears, thanks to Ken!"

- Jason P.

"From knowing Ken and his techniques, when I had an unusual and recurring pain in my left hand, I asked for his assistance. He made some suggestions on how to release the tension in my arm and shoulder, to relieve the pain that was occurring in my hand. After following Ken's direction, the pain went away and I have had no pain there for over five months."

- Michael Casey


"When I started treatment with Ken Youngberg for my carpal tunnel, I experienced pain, numbness, weakness, and tingling all the way from the right side of my neck down through my arm and into my hand and fingers. I didn"t realize that the pain in my neck was associated with the pain in my arm and hand. I also experienced all of this to a lesser degree on my left side. With Ken's therapy I was able to get complete relief of all symptoms and I am completely amazed that I am healed. While Ken's therapy was painful at times, I pressed him on, willing to experience the pain of the deep tissue work because of the results I was getting.

Many people kept telling me to have surgery, but through Ken's therapy I can honestly say that this will not be necessary and I am so grateful. I still continue to work at a desk and keyboard, while I may experience some of the symptoms if I overwork myself, when I take a rest, all the symptoms are still relieved. I would highly recommend this wonderful alternative for carpal tunnel rather than having surgery. Please accept this testimonial as my truth and know that I would be happy to speak further with anyone if needed."

- Camilla R.

Creating space, movement and seperation in the interosseous membrane between the radius
and ulna.

"I had been living with neuropathy in my arm for several months when I discovered Ken Youngberg Therapeutic Bodyworks. After one session, I immediately had the strength back in my hand and arm, and the pain was reduced by about 75%. After the second session, I had the full use of my dominant hand and arm back. I recommend Ken to anyone who has been living with a chronic condition."

- Lisa Z.


Trigger Finger

  Gliding between flexor tendons.

"As a chiropractor, having a trigger finger (it means it is stuck in one position) is a real problem. I had tried chiropractic, ultrasound, massage, treated it with heat and cold, and also tried trigger point work.

Then I went to a medical doctor who said, 'You need a shot of cortisone,' which I initially rejected.  Finally I tried the shot which helped for a while, but it came back. I had another shot and the painful trigger finger came back quicker. I was facing surgery which would have meant I could not work.

"I visited Ken Youngberg, and after just one session, it felt remarkably better. I returned for a second and had improvement. After the third session with Ken, my finger felt great. Now I have a monthly maintenance massage and have had no problems. What a relief. Thanks, Ken."

- Dr. Lynn Miller, D.C.


Regular Maintenance / Flexibility


"Ken’s ability to evaluate what needs to be done and then perform the correct technique has always worked. He has fixed the numbness in my hand, the pain in my shoulder and the tight muscles in my back and legs. His extensive training has given him the tools to fix whatever ails me. I would recommend Ken to anyone who has severe, ongoing muscle pain."

- Mary C.

"My passion for the past five years has been competitive ballroom dancing. My chiropractor referred me to Ken for deep tissue massage for a continuing shoulder problem resulting from the dancing. He released the muscles that were causing severe pain and affecting my ability to hold my frame properly. From time to time I also develop tendonitis in my foot from all the dancing and can hardly walk. Ken treated the muscles in my legs that were the source of the problem that manifested in my foot and after four treatments I was walking and dancing comfortably again. I am very impressed with Ken’s knowledge, confidence, and results, and I highly recommend him to others that experience soft tissue injuries or pain."

- Tom McC.

"Being on the phone most of my work day is stressful, and during my weekly massage I can actually feel the tension and tight muscles in my neck and upper back melt away. A massage from Ken is the best gift I could ever receive."

- Wendy S.


"As an executive for 32 years at Cargill Inc. and involved in managing our International business, I fly a tremendous amount of air miles each year - including long trips to Asia, Central America, South America, Europe, Caribbean, Canada, Mexico, including multiple flights domestically. For years I have been resigned to pain and stiffness in my back and hips, and the long hours of flying seems to exacerbate my condition.

Many times upon returning from a trip I call for an appointment with Ken, as my back is in spasms and quite painful. He usually has me pain free within two visits and with much of the relief coming after the first visit. The outcome of these sessions have been very successful and changed the quality of my life and I am extremely pleased with the results. I would recommend Ken Youngberg, without absolutely any reservations, to anyone with problems similar to mine."

- J. K. G.

"My chiropractor referred me to Ken when my shoulder was aching so much from a fall on a patch of ice that I had difficulty sleeping. He told me that Ken is a unique massage therapist/bodyworker whose goal is seeing your condition dramatically improved in the quickest possible time. After our 1st session I had no pain during or after golf. After the 2nd session, I completed a 2800 mile motorcycle trip over 8 days without pain. He’s not cheap, but is darn good! I am so grateful for your professional therapy and advice. Thanks for making a most stressful summer so much more enjoyable. Your work is excellent, and I am blessed to have a professional like you in my life. You will get my referrals – unconditionally."

- Doug S.


"Thanks for the great session last week. It helped me earn a first place finish in the Short & Fat mountain bike race on Saturday. Not only did I win the class, I had my fastest time by over a minute."

- Rob O.


Leg/Hip Pain

"A job change meant suddenly spending long, active hours on my feet. I was in constant pain. A podiatrist recommended surgery to remove part of the bone that he thought was causing my discomfort. After one session with Ken, I was almost pain-free. The difference was great enough that I knew there was an alternative to surgery that would solve my problem. Ken also taught me the proper exercises for stretching and strengthening my muscles. As a result, I can maintain my body's durability and stay active at work without the consequence of debilitating pain."

- Annie F.

"By treating the muscles in my lower leg, Ken relieved the intense pain I had in my heel and bottom of my foot. The home-care stretches and exercises he suggested have dramatically minimized my pain."

- JoAnn V.

"Hi Kenny, this is Arnie. I just wanted to call you to let you know that my legs and hips that were so stuck have not felt really this good in a long long time. So, I just wanted to thank you. I even notice it when I walk, I"m just walking freer, so thank you very much."

- Arnie B.




"In addition to improving my sleep, Ken's treatments have helped reduce the pain and fatigue of my fibromyalgia."

- Jamie B.



"I suffered with migraine headaches for eleven years before seeing Ken about two years ago. He used a combination of techniques including acupressure and myofascial release, and I"m not sure what else, but it felt good. Since my first session with him I have been 95 percent free of headaches. Ken also helped me with my neck and low back pain, and I no longer have tingling in my fingers. He also taught me how I could stay pain free by using the TheraCane."

- Kay K.


"When I had my car accident in January of this year, I experienced severe headaches and stiff neck with a lot of pain shooting into my arm and shoulders from my neck. I truly didn"t think that there was anything that could be done to alleviate my pain quickly and that I would be stuck with it for quite sometime. Ken performed this technique on me, and it was amazing what a difference it made. I felt almost immediate relief, and since the first treatment have continued to improve consistently.

Because of how well this worked for me, I had my mother come in to see Ken when she was in town visiting. She was resigned to living with pain as she thought that medications were the only thing that would reduce the pain (but she did not want to become chemically dependent).
Since her visit with Ken, she has felt enormous improvement and has told me that there has

even been a day where she did not experience any pain. She is searching for a therapist in the Denver area who has similar training.

I feel that this therapy is especially beneficial, and I would definitely recommend it to others as well as continue it for myself. Thanks!"

- Joanna B.

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Personal Injury/Accidents


"I was in a car accident in 1998, which caused severe pain in my neck and shoulders. During the past five years I have tried everything including massage, physical therapy, acupuncture, and chiropractic treatments: nothing gave me extended relief. Since starting treatments with Ken three months ago, my pain has diminished substantially. This is the first time in almost six years that I have hope in being able to be pain free on a regular basis, not just sporadically."

- Rosemary T.

"Several years ago I was in an automobile accident. Although I was receiving help from the medical and chiropractic professions, a friend remarked one night that he thought he could be of help to me. That is how "Doc" Ken and his Therapeutic Bodyworks entered my physical body wellness process. His patience, reassurances, attitude, knowledge and abilities are amazing. I truly believe he has been gifted with spiritual healing hands (and elbow!!). I have sung his praises from the first appointment, have referred him to countless suffering people,many of whom have thanked me for my reference."

- Esther H.


Back and Neck Pain

"I finally decided to call Ken for treatment when my lower back pain started interfering with my golf game. He was able to isolate two muscles that were major contributors of my pain. Then he used deep tissue pressure therapy and myofascial release to release them. Upon getting up from the table, my back felt freer and looser and very relaxed with only slight lingering pain. I did the stretches he taught me when I got home, and the next morning the pain was gone. I now stay pain free as long as I remember to do those simple stretches to maintain my wellness. I also learned that I don't have to be resigned to living with pain even though I"m in my golden years."

- J. H. Holt

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"After my first SET treatment, I was pain free for 24 hours after experiencing chronic low back pain for years. I thought I had to live with it; Ken reassured me I did not. After the 4th treatment I was rolling over in bed without pain. I highly recommend Ken’s therapy."

- Sheila F.


"After a back injury that was causing me a great deal of pain, I went to Ken for treatment. I felt relief after the initial visit and was virtually pain free after several treatments. He also gave me exercises and ideas of things I could do at home to facilitate my recovery. I have referred several friends and relatives to him. Ken's techniques have produced amazing results."

- Jessica W.

"I work construction, and periodically I will overdo it and strain my back. Previously my only recourse was to take lots of ibuprofen and wait for it to work itself out. I have visited Ken Youngberg for my last three injuries, and received relief within 24 hours and been pain free within two days. At one point I was afraid I would be looking at shoulder surgery as I was experiencing pain and numbness down my arm. After one visit and using the stretches Ken taught me, the problem was fixed, the pain and numbness was gone, and I have never had a reoccurrence. I believe in what Ken does and I know it really works!"

- Scott G.

"I had a whiplash injury fifteen years ago and have struggled with chronic neck pain ever since. I have been to chiropractors and many physical therapists and have never found lasting relief. When I reinjured my neck this year, I was afraid I would be incapacitated by pain again. I saw Ken regularly in the months immediately following my reinjury and was relieved to feel improvement right away. His emphasis on gentle stretching and pressure points has helped my neck heal more steadily than any other specialist I've seen since my first accident fifteen years ago."

- Terra W.

"Ken has the experience and intuitive ability to zero in on the best solution for my tendonitis and chronic pain in my arms, neck and lower back."

- Ed S.

"Ken has an astounding understanding of both the physical and the non-physical connections between the complex human body. Ken does not just treat the symptom, he treats the root cause of the problem. Therefore, the effect of his treatment is curative rather than just shor-term relief. The neck pain that I have had for several years disappeared in only a few sessions. Now, I enjoy only a healthy, restorative massage on a regular basis. I recommend Ken to everyone!"

- Kandrea J.


"I have a stressful job and carry my stress in my left shoulder and neck. When I first started seeing Ken, I had constant neck/shoulder pain and terrible tension headaches and was taking over the counter pain medications daily. I often had difficulty doing simple tasks like carrying laundry and groceries. After seeing Ken a few times, my headaches vanished and my neck pain was significantly reduced. Ken's positive encouragement that I can live without pain and helpful recommendations for exercise I can do on my own have made all the difference and allowed me to be more productive at work and to return to activities I had previously avoided."

- Shannon B.

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Frozen Shoulder

"I am a barber who stands for 8-12 hours a day most of the time holding my shoulders and arms up and with my head tipped down. If you do this long enough (26 years in my case) you are actually blessed to find someone that can do what Ken Youngberg can do. I remember the first time that I went to Ken’s office. When I left, I sat in my car and cried from the elation that there was a release from the pain. I have done chiropractic, massage, physical therapy, and even botox injections into my back for nerve pain. I have seen Ken for a frozen shoulder, plantar fascitis, and other assorted aches and pains. Ken touches you not just with his hands but also with his spirit. He recognizes the body as an entire entity not just a bag of skin and bones and muscles. I think of Ken as my ace in the hole. When I beat myself up by working a repetitive job, he helps me function again pain free."

- Neena I.

"Before I met Ken Youngberg I was unable to move my left arm. I was in constant pain and unable to sleep. I was diagnosed with frozen shoulders and scheduled for surgery in May. I had some movement in my right, so surgery was scheduled for the left shoulder only. I was referred to Ken by my chiropractor, and when I met him I knew instantly that he could help me. I started out seeing Ken twice a week, and after the second week I canceled my surgery, and threw out my pain pills. Today I see Ken once a week, and I now have movement in my left arm. I am able to get my arm behind my back, which I couldn't do before. I owe all this to Ken. Without his treatments, I would still be recovering from surgery, and going to physical therapy. Thank you Ken."

- Rachel K.

"I have struggled with my taut muscles in my arms for over a year and it has been very painful and very restrictive, so to experience a release is quite a relief. I am so satisfied with your work and your approach to your specialty that it has been a pleasure and extremely easy to refer others to you. I think I have passed along your card and information to a half dozen friends and family already. I know all of them plan to call and most have been in or have made appointments. I am pleased to meet someone who is interested in results and not in a treatment regime that requires a lifelong commitment as your client. Instead I plan to be a lifelong client who refers others."

- Susan A.

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On-Site Massage

"We have had lower workers compensation costs as a result of Ken's care. We have happier employees, and it has reduced stress and some of the carpal tunnel issues
that occur in our company."

- Clayton B. VP Human Resources

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  Reducing tension on the archilles tendon by lengthening the soleus.


Runners Injuries

"I am a veteran of over 70 marathons and triathlons and am also an avid tennis player. I have had knee and foot problems/pain for over three years and well over three dozen physical therapists; masseurs and chiropractors have worked on my body with minimal success. After spending ONE HOUR with Ken and his magical hands, I am proud to report I have been pain free for the past two weeks. I would (and have!) recommend Ken Youngberg to anyone."

- Kevin Bakewell


"I am totally committed to helping my clients relieve and eliminate pain and discomfort of body, mind, and spirit."
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Creating space for the ilium to rotate into balance.


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