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Clients often report that they experience burning and swelling around the shoulders, elbows, hands, wrists, and fingers. The swelling and burning are actually signs of inflammation within the soft tissue which causes the pain making the client aware that there is a problem that needs to be addressed. Most carpal tunnel and nerve entrapment syndromes have swelling and inflammation in at least one of these joint areas.

The swelling associated with inflammation contributes in numerous ways to nerve compression and nerve entrapment. If the areas that swell are where the bony prominences of the joints and nerves are close together, then pressure is put on the nerves causing compression resulting in pain. The swelling also causes a shortening of the whole muscle resulting in pressure on both attachments which limits range of motion and again causes compression of nerve tissue.

This compression causes increased irritation, inflammation, and swelling which in turn causes increased compression and further reduces range of motion. Obviously, the result is a vicious cycle leading to disability. In addition, the area is extremely sensitive which limits treatment because of the pain. If the inflammation and swelling are not addressed quickly and efficiently, the above cycle progresses and the client’s pain continues to worsen. One of the first concerns of the therapist is to reduce the swelling by applying strokes with the venous flow.

- Don McCann, MA, LMT, LMHC, and founder of Structural Energetic Therapy

"After a back injury that was causing me a great deal of pain, I went to Ken for treatment. I felt relief after the initial visit and was virtually pain free after several treatments. He also gave me exercises and ideas of things I could do at home to facilitate my recovery. I have referred several friends and relatives to him. Ken's techniques have produced amazing results."

- Jessica W.

swelling and inflammation
Softening the hand with myofascial unwinding strokes prior to deeper individual fiber strokes.


swelling and inflammation

Releasing the fluids and waste products from the muscles and tissues of the arm to prepare the area for deep fiber work


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Releasing fluids and waste products to prepare the tissue
for deeper work.


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