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Originally developed for Olympic and world-class athletes, Soft Tissue Release utilizes a set of rhythmic, precise stretches with continuous changes in the plane of the stretch. A specific compression is applied along the length of the muscle with each stretch. The result: fast and permanent reorganization of scar tissue and the return of injured muscles to their proper resting length.

Recommended For: Clients with acute or chronic pain.

"Thanks for the great session last week. It helped me earn a first place finish in the Short & Fat mountain bike race on Saturday. Not only did I win the class, I had my fastest time by over a minute."

- Rob O..


"I am totally committed to helping my clients relieve and eliminate pain and discomfort of body, mind, and spirit."
Acid Reflux . Acute Pain/Chronic Pain. Arthritis . Carpel tunnel . Emotional Energy Release . Fibromyalgia . . Frozen Shoulder . Headaches/Migraines
Hiatal Hernia . Limited Range of Motion . Low Back Pain . Neck and Shoulder Pain . Plantar Fascitis . Respiratory Problems . Running Injuries . Scar Tissue
SET Quick Release . Stress/Tension . Swelling and Inflammation . Tendinitis . Thoracic Outlet . TMJ Syndrome . Trigger Finger . Whiplash
Ken Youngberg Therapeutic Bodyworks
Releasing the scalenes
by combining a cervical
lateral stretch with compression along the muscle.


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