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The most common running injuries presented in my practice are low back, hip, groin, hamstrings, knees, and feet. During my marathon running days I experienced low back pain from the many hours of training and competition. As a result of treating my clients with Structural Energetic Therapy, a deep tissue body restructuring that rehabilitates acute and chronic pain and dysfunctions in the body, I am able to help them eliminate the problems I had.

I have yet to work with clients suffering from these problems that did not have a significant structural distortion in their bodies, referred to as the core distortion pattern. The chief components of the core distortion pattern center around one ilium rotating anteriorly, and the other rotating posteriorly, which creates torsion in the pelvis and low back. It also creates an apparent long leg on the side that is rotated anteriorly, and an apparent short leg on the side that is rotated posteriorly. Of even greater importance is that this core distortion pattern causes a stretching of the sacroiliac ligaments resulting in a tipping of the sacrum because the stretched ligaments cannot support the sacrum in a level position.

This distortion of the pelvis creates a torsion throughout the whole body which is evidenced by a zig zagging pattern of weaknesses and compensations from the feet to the top of the head. By understanding the imbalances created by the core distortion, the basis for their pain is easily understood, and protocols for correcting the specific conditions (low back, hip, groin, hamstring, knees, and feet) can be designed with balancing the core distortion as its primary focus.

- Don McCann, MA, LMT, LMHC, founder Structural Energetic Therapy

"I am a veteran of over 70 marathons and triathlons and am also an avid tennis player. I have had knee and foot problems/pain for over three years and well over three dozen physical therapists; masseurs and chiropractors have worked on my body with minimal success. After spending ONE HOUR with Ken and his magical hands, I am proud to report I have been pain free for the past two weeks. I would (and have!) recommend Ken Youngberg to anyone."

- Kevin Bakewell

Clearing adhesions and creating space
in fascia surrounding extensor retinaculum.
Lengthening the plantar fascia
before deep fiber work
Strokes are clearing lesion above the patella.   Spreading abdominal fascia prior
to releasing iliopsoas.
  Lengthening the hamstrings.
"I am totally committed to helping my clients relieve and eliminate pain and discomfort of body, mind, and spirit."
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Releasing tight fibers in the muscle and fascia.


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