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Low Back Pain Relief

I use a variety of modalities and techniques to treat lumbo-pelvic-hip impairments, including: Orthomassage, Structural Energetic Therapy, Soft Tissue Release, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Myotherapy, and Zero Balancing. By isolating and treating one or more of five muscles as the main culprits producing my client’s discomfort many of them experienced relief, but unfortunately for most, not long lasting. I have since learned that releasing those major contributors--gluteus maximus/medius, quadratus lumborum, piriformis, and iliopsoas was only a part of the problem. I discovered how important it is to consider the client’s overall structure.

Subsequent SET training developed my awareness of structural distortion patterns in the body, and their relationship to low back problems. I discovered that most of my clients present with a structural distortion we refer to as core distortion pattern.


Its main components are one pelvis tilted forward and the other tilted back. This produces a body compensation to correct posture for the apparent long leg on the side that is rotated forward and for the apparent short leg on the side that is rotated back. This distortion pattern also causes a stretching of the sacroiliac ligaments resulting in a tipping of the sacrum. This distortion of the pelvis creates a torsion throughout the whole body which is evidenced by an unbalanced pattern of weaknesses and compensation from the feet to the top of the head.

SET treatment protocols are based on the relationship of these distortion patterns to the painful symptoms in the low back, hip, groin, knee, calf, shin, ankle, and foot.


The Primary Long Term Goal
The client can participate in normal life activities pain free!

The Intermediate Treatment Goals
To balance the core distortion pattern
To reduce pain
To release the strain pattern
To restore full range of motion
To regain strength
To regain coordination
To soften hardened tissues

The Specific Goals In This Protocol
To balance the pelvis
To release the scoliotic curvature
To release the anterior rotation of the anteriorly rotated illium
To release the posterior rotation of the posteriorly rotated illium
To release the distortion in the legs and feet
To release the compression on the sciatic nerve
To release the compression on nerves of the lumbar region
  low back pain  
low back pain Lengthening the soft tissue along the spine with a soft forearm. low back pain
To release ischemia
To reduce swelling and inflammation
To deactivate trigger points
To release the myofascial holding pattern
To normalize scar tissue
To separate bunched groups of muscle fibers

Removing my client’s core distortion by balancing their pelvis, and working with the musculature and soft tissue of the pelvis, legs, and feet creates long term support and correction of the low back pain, and also eliminates related problems such as sciatica, upper and lower leg and groin pain, ankle and foot conditions, plantar fascitis and heel spurs. After SET treatments, most of my clients now enjoy long-term symptom free living.


Relief From Back Pain and Associated Conditions in the Lower Extremities
Don McCann, MA, SMT, LMHC, and founder of SET

"After my first SET treatment, I was pain free for 24 hours after experiencing chronic low back pain for years. I thought I had to live with it; Ken reassured me I did not. After the 4th treatment I was rolling over in bed without pain. I highly recommend Ken’s therapy."

- Sheila F.

"I am totally committed to helping my clients relieve and eliminate pain and discomfort of body, mind, and spirit."
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Muscle testing confirms body reading of core distortion pattern.


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