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"Bodywork Tailored to Your Specific Needs"  
Why I Do Therapeutic Bodywork
  Using applied kinesiology confirms
the core distortion pattern and
other structural sub-patterns.

Most of us could use an occasional break from our hectic lives. We live in stressful environnments that seem to demand more of our time, which adds to our personal stress. Many of us stand or sit all day and have chronic pain in our neck, arms, shoulders, back, legs, and feet. Some of us have jobs requiring repetitive motions and suffer with debilitating and painful carpal tunnel symptoms, and are unable to work or recreate because of the pain. I am totally committed to helping my clients decrease and eliminate their levels of body tension from stress, and to live pain free lives. It is possible to start enjoying a normal active life again by integrating therapeutic bodywork that addresses the whole person—body, mind, and spirit.

Specific treatment protocols are determined by our body’s
biofeedback system.

Some clients who have lived with chronic soft tissue pain and tension from stress, for months and sometimes years, present a challenge. It’s difficult for them to start believing they can improve their condition, even during the process of rehabilitation. Because they are so conditioned to living with their long-term pain, their dysfunctional body-mind connection makes it difficult to accept their pain-free status right away. In addition to integrative therapeutic bodywork tailored to my client’s specific needs, I encourage home self-care between sessions that may include specific stretches and movements.

My clientele represents a diverse variety of vocations, including barbers and hairdressers, carpenters, electricians, machinists, bricklayers, computer operators, assembly-line workers, dental technicians, chiropractors, athletes, business executives, accountants, court reporters, piano tuners, bodybuilders, ballroom dancers, musicians, etc. There are numerous success stories on the testimonial page that corroborate the efficacy of therapeutic bodywork.

Initiating a left lateral strain
structural cranial correction.
A structural Cranial technique releasing the temporal zygomas.

Helping people feel better
is my #1 goal.

During my early massage/bodywork training and subsequent certification in deep tissue sports massage, I had the opportunity to participate in several dramatic healing experiences that led me to my current career.

In one instance, a technique I had learned in class the night before allowed me to relieve a client’s debilitating low back pain. I remember coming home that night and telling my wife about the young woman who could barely walk into my room because of her severe low back pain. After an hour on my table, and applying the technique I just learned the night before in class, she walked out pain free. The experience inspired me to pursue advanced bodywork training specializing in relieving and eliminating acute and chronic soft-tissue pain.

Another client presented the same week with severe neck pain. His neck rotation was limited to less than 50 percent of its normal range of motion. After only a half hour of treatment, he was pain free and his neck rotation was restored to 100 percent. I was hooked on the work.

My Commitment

My goal is to help my clients become symptom free as quickly as possible. Each treatment is tailor made to address their specific condition. The most effective and expeditious techniques are used for each individual case.

My clients usually fall into three categories:

  • Those who experience significant relief after 1-5 treatments. Many return again for an occasional tune-up.

  • Those who experience obvious, but only partial relief after the first session, and intuitively know they are doing the right thing for themselves. Most continue with a commitment to complete the process.

  • Occasionally a new client gets no relief. I suggest they visit their physician for an exam to rule out any pathology, or I refer them to other practitioners and modalities that will hopefully help them.

KY is a nationally certified therapeutic bodyworker.


"Ken’s ability to evaluate what needs to be done and then perform the correct technique has always worked. He has fixed the numbness in my hand, the pain in my shoulder and the tight muscles in my back and legs. His extensive training has given him the tools to fix whatever ails me. I would recommend Ken to anyone who has severe, ongoing muscle pain."

- Mary C.

"I can't believe the incredible results I've had since I've been going to Ken for massage therapy. He's very knowledgeable in recommending the proper stretches to keep my muscles flexible and reducing the pain. I haven't had this much flexibility and felt this good in a long time."

- Janet S.

"Several years ago I was in an automobile accident. Although I was receiving help from the medical and chiropractic professions, a friend remarked one night that he thought he could be of help to me. That is how "Doc" Ken and his Therapeutic Bodyworks entered my physical body wellness process. His patience, reassurances, attitude, knowledge and abilities are amazing. I truly believe he has been gifted with spiritual healing hands (and elbow!!). I have sung his praises from the first appointment, have referred him to countless suffering people, many of whom have thanked me for my reference."

- Esther H.

"I am totally committed to helping my clients relieve and eliminate pain and discomfort of body, mind, and spirit."
Acid Reflux . Acute Pain/Chronic Pain. Arthritis . Carpel tunnel . Emotional Energy Release . Fibromyalgia . . Frozen Shoulder . Headaches/Migraines
Hiatal Hernia . Limited Range of Motion . Low Back Pain . Neck and Shoulder Pain . Plantar Fascitis . Respiratory Problems . Running Injuries . Scar Tissue
SET Quick Release . Stress/Tension . Swelling and Inflammation . Tendinitis . Thoracic Outlet . TMJ Syndrome . Trigger Finger . Whiplash
Ken Youngberg Therapeutic Bodyworks
Ken Youngberg is
certified in Structural
Energetic Therapy and
Zero Balancing.


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