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  Ken Youngberg describes treating
Frozen Shoulder

Directed myofascial unwinding techniques and subsequent deep individual fiber strokes are used to release shortened fibers of fascia, adhesion, and scar tissue. These tightened tissues often impinge nerves causing pain. Opposing muscle groups of the shoulder are released and balanced, and a special technique for softening fascial adhesions in the joint creates heat, pressure, and movement and the subsequent release without pain. Range of motion and proper structural alignment are restored.


  Creating a myofascial release inside the joint capsule with pressure, movement and heat.

"Before I met Ken Youngberg I was unable to move my left arm. I was in constant pain and unable to sleep. I was diagnosed with frozen shoulders and scheduled for surgery in May. I had some movement in my right, so surgery was scheduled for the left shoulder only. I was referred to Ken by my chiropractor, and when I met him I knew instantly that he could help me. I started out seeing Ken twice a week, and after the second week I cancelled my surgery, and threw out my pain pills. Today I see Ken once a week, and I now have movement in my left arm. I am able to get my arm behind my back, which I couldn√ąt do before. I owe all this to Ken. Without his treatments, I would still be recovering from surgery, and going to physical therapy. Thank you Ken."

- Rachel K.

"I am totally committed to helping my clients relieve and eliminate pain and discomfort of body, mind, and spirit."
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A gentle sustained stretch
of the fascia.


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