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Releasing Emotional Energy

Structural Energetic Therapy (SET) is a deep tissue body restructuring that eliminates chronic pain and dysfunctions in the body. In the process of a SET treatment, there is a softening of the chronically tightened character armor (muscles) that has blocked our emotions. This often leads to a release of the emotional energy that has been blocked from expression.

Trapped emotional energy in the body is static in quality, and is detrimental to our overall health. Character armor, chronically tightened musculature, begins in early childhood with the negative messages we receive and perceive about emotional expression and feelings, resulting in trapped emotional energy. Additionally, emotional energy becomes trapped in the body from any traumatic events during your lifetime such as: loss of loved ones, difficult relationships, any kind of abuse, abandonment issues, physically induced traumas like fears resulting from an auto accident, and the like. Over time, the character armor hardens resulting in pain and loss of good emotional expression such as love and happiness.

Most diseases have a somatic relationship that includes the way we think, feel and express. In many cases, clients have areas holding emotion that is blocking their healing. Releasing emotional energy in the body is necessary for our overall wellness.

SET uses a breath release protocol, which is a physical energetic process for releasing emotional energy. The breathing protocol takes a client through three distinct phases to charge, discharge, and integrate the energy from their system.

Character armor tends to build up the somatic emotional component to disease, and consequently the healing process must include its release to be complete. The experience also oftentimes leads to a profound sense of relaxation and personal discovery.

- Don McCann, MA, LMT, LMHC – founder Structural Energetic Therapy, Inc.

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