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"Bodywork Tailored to Your Specific Needs"  

My approach is conservative, but its effect is powerful for anyone suffering with acute or chronic soft tissue pain. Most of my clients come to me with both types of pain. I provide direct insurance billing for personal injury auto accident cases, and as a result treat clients suffering with acute pain from a wide variety of injuries—whiplash, headaches, low back & hip strain/sprain, lower & upper extremities, etc. My personal experience as a marathon runner and long distance cyclist has helped me to treat my client athletes most effectively by tailoring sessions to their specific needs.


My biggest challenge working with many of my chronic pain clients is helping them believe that they can live a symptom free life without pain. Unfortunately, many of them are so resigned to living with it they don’t believe it can be overcome. The good news: Possibilities are in your favor that you don’t have to live with it any longer. The sad news: If you have endured chronic pain for a long time and have tried without success to get rid of it, you may unfortunately be so resigned to living with it that you may choose to do nothing.



"I am a barber who stands for 8-12 hours a day most of the time holding my shoulders and arms up and with my head tipped down. If you do this long enough (26 years in my case) you are actually blessed to find someone that can do what Ken Youngberg can do. I remember the first time that I went to Ken’s office. When I left, I sat in my car and cried from the elation that there was a release from the pain. I have done chiropractic, massage, physical therapy, and even botox injections into my back for nerve pain. I have seen Ken for a frozen shoulder, plantar fascitis, and other assorted aches and pains. Ken touches you not just with his hands but also with his spirit. He recognizes the body as an entire entity not just a bag of skin and bones and muscles. I think of Ken as my ace in the hole. When I beat myself up by working a repetitive job, he helps me function again pain free."

- Neena I.

"I am totally committed to helping my clients relieve and eliminate pain and discomfort of body, mind, and spirit."
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Releasing fascial restrictions in the lateral leg and hip with a gentle sustained stretch.


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