Advantages of On-site Massage
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"Bodywork Tailored to Your Specific Needs"  
Reduces: Workers Compensation/
insurance expenses
Stress, both mental and physical
Muscle spasm and tension
Level of anxiety
Blood pressure
Formation of scar tissue
Improves: Employee morale - demonstrates management cares
about employees well being
Joint flexibility and range of motion
Blood and lymph circulation
Body awareness
Relaxed state of alertness
Deeper and easier breathing
Ability to monitor stress signals and
respond appropriately
Sense of unified well being
Self image
Emotional expression
Treats: Repetitive-use injuries
Personal injuries
Chronic pain
Relieves: Headaches and eyestrain
"The high standards of precision required to manufacture our products, combined with the demanding delivery schedules we must adhere to, makes for a stressful working environment. Employees report to me regularly with tension headaches, painful necks, shoulders, backs, arms,
wrists, hands, fingers, etc.

Ken Youngberg has been providing his on-site chair massage and therapeutic bodywork services at two of our manufacturing plants every week for approximately seven months. He uses several bodywork techniques that help relieve and eliminate soft tissue pain. Every session is tailored to the employeeƈs specific problem, and he also instructs them in home self-care stretches and other techniques to help them maintain their wellness.

In most cases he has been very successful at helping our employees with their specific problems, and in all cases has helped them reduce their tension. Overall, his bodywork has had a dramatic positive effect on the well being of our employees and our business. We have not recorded any new repetitive motion injuries in the last three months, and I believe it has a lot to do with Ken's work."

- Cathy P., Industrial R.N.

Member of American
Massage Therapy Association
Certified Member of National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork
"I am totally committed to helping my clients relieve and eliminate pain and discomfort of body, mind, and spirit."
Acid Reflux . Acute Pain/Chronic Pain. Arthritis . Carpel tunnel . Emotional Energy Release . Fibromyalgia . . Frozen Shoulder . Headaches/Migraines
Hiatal Hernia . Limited Range of Motion . Low Back Pain . Neck and Shoulder Pain . Plantar Fascitis . Respiratory Problems . Running Injuries . Scar Tissue
SET Quick Release . Stress/Tension . Swelling and Inflammation . Tendinitis . Thoracic Outlet . TMJ Syndrome . Trigger Finger . Whiplash
Ken Youngberg Therapeutic Bodyworks
Eliminating body tension
in ten minutes.


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headaches Limited Range of Motion Carpel Tunnel