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The Quick Release Technique (QRT) developed by Don McCann, founder of Structural Energetic Therapy (SET), initiates relaxation and releases restrictions and blockages by reestablishing normal energy flow throughout the head, neck, and shoulders. Depending on a client's situation and his or her reaction to the mobilization of blocked energy, the QRT normally takes about ten minutes to complete. Or, it can develop into a full-length powerful healing session.

A series of 5-7 acupressure points are stimulated in a sequence of energy flow through the meridians. By working in this sequence there is a logical energetic flow based on the theories found in acupressure. In addition, from the trigger point releases we reduce pain referrals moving from the outside in toward the cervical spine, and soft tissue release directly under the occiput. This softening of the holding pattern of the thoracic and shoulders allows for an additional release with the modified A/O (atlas/occipital) release when manipulating the final trigger points directly under the edge of the occiput and mastoid process.

The QRT was developed through years of studying various modalities and recognizing the need for clients to relax prior to initiating subsequent deep soft tissue work. In addition to tension from stress that many clients present with there are also physical and emotional conditions producing pain and discomfort in the head, neck, and shoulders-headaches, whiplash, osteoporosis, disc problems, nerve entrapments, muscle spasms, inflammation, swelling, TMJ, and emotional tension. The Quick Release Technique addresses these conditions and helps to alleviate them by:

  • Releasing trigger points
  • Releasing tension from stress
  • Reducing the splinting of the soft tissue
  • Softening muscle spasms that entrap nerves
  • Increasing ROM in head, neck, and shoulder
  • Initiating the release of myofascial holding patterns.
  • Decompressing the cranium and mobilizing the occiput
  • Softening the character armor (chronically tightened tissue)
  • Mobilizing the static energy blocked behind the character armor
  • Reducing nerve entrapment from chronically tightened muscles
  • Reestablishing the flow of energy through the acupressure pathways
  • Releasing the swelling found in the tightened muscles of the character armor
  • Releasing the curvature of the neck allowing the client to lie
    supine more comfortably
  • Releasing distortions of the neck-forward head posture or reverse curve,
    rigid military neck, and jamming of the occiput and atlas.

After a thorough QRT session the client is ready for the subsequent SET Head-Neck-Shoulder deep tissue protocol that addresses additional ischemia, fluid and toxins, myofascial unwinding, fibrous tissue, adhesions, scar tissue, and bunched fascia. This will provide long lasting release of the neck structure to achieve a normalization of the reverse curvature and/or any other distortions in the cervical spine. The protocol is designed to release the anterior shoulders and neck first, followed by the posterior, which will prevent the client from going further into the distortion.

Material is from Relief From Head, Neck and Shoulder Pain, Don McCann, founder of SET

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